What is Your Utopia ?

    Utopia  is an imagined community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its citizens. You could also say that utopia is a perfect ‘place’ that has been made so there are no problems. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utopia) We know that we all live for survival, but there’s a question,”Who decides where we are?” Our parents ? The government ? Or we do it on our own? I don’t know. What about the city we live in? Should it be created only by the government? Or the urban planner? Or we can build it altogether? If we design the urban planning on our own, listening to all walks of life, is it amusing? Yes. Is it desirable? Maybe. Is it important? I don’t think so. Why? Take economists and the aboriginal tribes for example, when we talk about maximizing profit and searching the equalty of marginal cost and marginal revenue, how can we do without making use of the land, building real estates like skyscraper?

    Why did city existed? In thousands years ago, our decendants hunted for meals and agriculture came into sight later. When people want to eat cabbage, they went to those who planted vegetables, so as to those who want to eat beef went to those who go hunting, we name this kind of act “trade”. Trade had to be done face to face in those days, so that all the people who desire to trade had no choice but to walk to the other’s house or somewhere else. When more and more people went there altogether and getting used to it, they went to a specified place, where we name it “market”. When there are more and more kinds of markets, sellers, customers and residents, the first “city” was born!

    With time goes by, we can easily find out most of the mega cities locate along coast. With such phenomenon, we can assume that they are grown up with the accessibility of shipment. Based on it, we design the city with the priority to access to the ports. With the need of venting, commerce, relax and the flood of cash, cities grow up faster than the other domestic cities. Furthermore, with the rate of crime climbing up furiously, restricting the activities in the city with efficiency and legality became important for the government. And that’s why we need wholely urban design.

    As a matter of fact, I dislike the word like “control” or “power”, which means the urban planners are forcing the citizens to do something or not to do something, so that I prefer “design” instead. When we talk about urban design, we ususally link it with zoning, which has been around us for more than 100 years.”Zoning” is like making a sandwich, which contains bread, tomato, cheese, beef or bacon…anything we like. In a urban planning image, we have commercial zone(C.Z., red in parts), residential zone(R.Z., yellow parts), public transportation zone(T.Z., white parts), industry zone(I.Z., brown parts)…etc. However, zoning can’t make the best use of land inasmuch as we can’t work for 24hours and live in one place all day long, so each part of land can’t be entirely used. Therefore, waste of space can be seen everywhere. To solve the problem, innocent ideas come into urban planners’ brain, which is vertical land use.  That is, we depart the usage of spaces in a building, for example, from 1st floor to 20th floor we use as commercial usage, 21st to 50th, high-tech industry zone where robots manufacture, assemble, and even diliver goods like Amazon, in which robots don’t produce air pollution and noise, 51st to 70th floor, public construcion, 71st to 100th floor, residential zone, so that we use the land 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s my Utopia, would you tell me what is your Utopia like?

Picture Link: http://pic.mygonews.com/pdf/upload_newsPdf/7/e/9/9/774e8b47e558b63a9fafcb4799c264d2.pdf


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